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A "FUNDLESS" DEAL-BY-DEAL INVESTMENT APPROACH: We fund and resource transactions optimally on a deal-by-deal basis in the mid-market from our General Partners ("GPs") along with passive, but trusted alternate assets and wealth platform capital providers ("LPs").

GENERAL PARTNER: COALITION CAPITAL PARTNERS is always the majority GP in each investment opportunity. As majority GP we co-invest personal capital and hold investment performance accountability. Key managers and board members that hold organisational and operational performance accountability are invited to become minority GPs on a deal-by-deal basis. 

VALUE-ADDED SHAREHOLDERS & DIRECTOR DESIGN: We supplement our knowledge with Investors/LPs and Independent Directors from our expert networks. We align interest via a compulsory investment participation and invite our Advisors and Management as Board Directors and minority GP's.

FULL ALIGNMENT OF INTEREST: As the GP, we manage each investment as a standalone investment without decision influence from fundraising timetables nor the performances of other investments within a Fund. We make primary investments, follow-on investments, and divestment decisions purely on the merits of the deal and favor long-term investment hypotheses. 

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