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Our experience shows that management due diligence and organisational design―leadership and team effectiveness as well as change management, for instance―is the value-adding priority for success in mid-market control situations. Our approach to increase organisational effectiveness include:

Industry and Process Expertise: Once we have established key operating priorities together, we mentor management teams to grow revenue and profits by providing unique industry knowledge and perspectives to support business development or to re-engineering of key operational processes for cost reduction and quality improvement. If needed, we are able to fill key organisational positions to facilitate the transition.

Collaborative Stakeholder Alignment: We help align shareholder, board, management, as well as employee expectations and needs with the future end state in mind. We collaborate with our management, director, and advisers in jointly constructing focused change plans. To build trust and alignment with key managers and advisers, we share part of the carried interest with them and they co-invest as minority GPs. Our managers' incentives are not structurally subordinated and mirror that of the GP.

Organisational Design: We apply our expertise in organisational design, team effectiveness, change & transition management and leadership practices to assist the organization to meet its desired future state. A fit-for-purpose organisation is an important prerequisite to effectively execute operational activities. We have our in-house expertise for the sole purpose of providing these rare resources to the PE field.

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Performance Accountability: We generate value by addressing company performance and accountability of key performance drivers in active partnership with directors, management and experts with our network.

Value-Add LP & Director Design: We supplement our knowledge with Investors/LPs and independent directors from our expert networks. We align interest via a compulsory investment participation.

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