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Value Add: Our Organizational Approach

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We help align Shareholder, Board, Management and Employee expectations and needs with the future end state in mind.

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We put theory into practice, incorporating organisational and leadership academic research with our team of experienced business and organisational experts.

We apply our expertise in organizational design, team effectiveness, change & transition management and leadership practices to assist the organization comprising of Sharehodlers, Directors, Managers to meet the desired outcomes.

Our Purpose

Our Beliefs

"What we believe and what research and experience reinforces"

Our Beliefs
Complex Challenges Are Best Solved Collaboratively

Organisational challenges are best solved collaboratively by the people directly implicated and impacted.

Incremental Changes Are More Effective Than A Big Bang Approach

Changing too much, too fast can increase organizational anxiety and result in uncollaborative behaviors.

Old Ways of Thinking Hinder New Ways of Behaving

Behaviour drives performance, but conscious and unconscious factors drive behaviour.

Change Is Fast, Transitions Are Slow

Successful transition requires organizations and people to spend time in an in-between space which can be uncomfortable for many.

Psychologically Safe Environments Foster More Effective Teams

‘Psychological safety’ is a core tenant of a healthy work culture that promotes trust, learning and accountability.

We All Have The Ability
To Change

People can change and achieve a higher potential at any time of life given the right environment, motivation, and rewards. ​

Our Values

Coalition Consulting stands for Change, Growth & Performance, a direct expression of how we work and what we offer. These principles help guide our relationships with Coalition Capital Partners and their Investee Companies.

Our Values

Our Toolbox

Pre and Post  buyout, we have the expertise and experience to help Coalition Capital Partners and their potential and actual portfolio companies in the following manner:

Services Offered
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