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We observe, interact with, and consult with our potential investee company over an extended period of time to gain a clear understanding of the company's business model, investment hypothesis, performance gaps, and value-add plans prior to engaging capital. 

We limit our investment activity only to industries in which we are experienced and well-versed. This discipline is grounded from our collective investment and organisational leadership experience. To supplement our in-house expertise, we also partner with organisational and industry/sector experts within our network who regularly co-invest alongside us.

We look for a combination of special attributes in South East Asia's eclectic control oriented deal flow when considering an investment:


Quality Business Model

  • Key performance indicators identifiable

  • Positive cash flows with sustainable quality of earnings

Organisational & Operational Issues Transient​

  • Transition towards "built-to-last" standards within 24 months as the need for organisational change is moderate to high. These include buy-outs, management buy-ins of family owned enterprises, spin-offs, distressed entities, operational mergers/management takeovers and out-of-favor companies.

  • Investment and change hypothesis, value-add plans, end state, and performance improvement enablers including procuring talent, clearly indentifiable.

 Fairly Valued

  • Valuation is on an "as is" basis reflecting the level of change intensity.

  • Transaction is proprietary or selectively intermediate given organisational change issues.

We have adopted a "Fund-less deal-by-deal" approach to enable us to execute our focused investment strategy of high selectivity and high touch with potential and existing investee companies within South East Asia.

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