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Claudio Caballero joins Coalition as Fractional CTO and Advisor.

Coalition Capital Partners ("Coalition") is pleased to announce that Claudio Caballero ("Claudio") has joined Coalition as an Advisor.

Since May 2023, Claudio has been undertaking work for Coalition's Educational Platform mentoring the School's Operations Head and IT team to design and execute a "Fit for Future Purpose" IT strategy and capabilities. Claudio is a member of the Executive Committee, as are Coalition other Advisors.

Claudio is a technology strategy and cybersecurity advisor to boards and C-suites, based in the New York City area. Claudio has led technology-focused product and project teams for over 25 years, in both startups and the Fortune 50. An early adopter in applying AI and other emerging technologies, Claudio first used neural networks to process machine vision data in 1990.

After successfully co-founding a robotics startup in Singapore during the 90s, he returned to his native New York City at the height of the dot-com boom, where he began using Agile methodologies to lead the delivery of digital products, services and systems, which continued into his 2nd stint in SE Asia in the 2010s, leading teams in large public multinationals.

Comfortable in both hackathons and board rooms, Claudio has advised PE firms on technology strategy for portfolio companies and prospective deals, but still codes on occasion and has been championing digital innovation & transformation using public clouds and DevOps/DevSecOps for over a decade.

Claudio studied Electrical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and received his Global Executive MBA from INSEAD in 2016.

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