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Founders Day and Coalition Founder's DNA.

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

This Saturday, 26 of September, 2021, the German European School Singapore ("GESS") will be celebrating Founders Day and its 50th Anniversary. The school was founded in 1971 by Mr. Dieter Gumpert for German and now English, Dutch and Danish speaking expatriate children. Coalition's part founder, Rainer, fondly remembers his father being extremely passionate and dedicated to GESS, a school that he attended from 1972, as well as his position on the Singapore Industrial Training Board (VITB).

At Coalition, we apply the same dedication and passion to the investing and governing of schools that our Founder learnt in his childhood.

Coalition only invests in schools in a balance way to ensure long term positive outcomes for all stakeholders, especially parents, students and alumni.

We have already and we can provide a unique deal by deal approach to the ownership and governance of educational assets in South East Asia. Our DNA dictates that we look to preserve and build on the work of school founders, the founding values that they impart as well as the unique look and feel of the curriculum as part of our long term investment hypothesis. We do not need to be stressed by having to dilute the essence of a school by over expanding for growth for a quick divestment or having to realise operational synergies for a large educational group. We will always maintain triple P&L improvement approach, that looks to improve student (and parents) educational experiences, the benefits to the larger community and financial performance in a balanced way.

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